International Scientific Board

Firas Al Naimi, MD, UK Update on Lasers & Scar Treatment
Ofir Artzi, MD, Israel Scar Prevention & Treatment in 21st century
Ashraf Badawi, MD, Canada Filler Complications & Current Management
Gulnara Batpenova, MD, Kazaksthan Butterfly Children
Mattheos Bobos, MD, Greece Melanoma Dermatopathology; Current Pathological Reporting of Melanoma, Workshop Meet the Expert
Lucia Calvisi, MD, Italy HA Filler Workshop Live Demonstration, Advanced Filler Course
Simon Clark, MD, Australia Dermatopathology, Melanoma
Gamal Duweb, MD, Libya Dermatology in North Africa
Sahar Ghannam, MD, Kuwait Growing Younger with Non-Invasive Procedures
Jurg Hafner, MD, Switzerland Chronic Wound Management, Keloid Prevention & Treatment
Firas Hamdan, MD, Lebanon Lip Lift
Jean Kanitakis, MD, France Skin Cancer in Transplant Patients, Dermatopathology
Raimonds Karls, MD, Latvia Artificial Intelligence in Dermoscopy, Dermato-Oncology
Alexandros Katoulis, MD, Greece Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia
Sanan Kerimov, MD, Azerbaijan Keloid; Advances in Pathogenesis & Treatment
Pille Konno, MD, Estonia Dermoscopy, Paraneoplastic Syndromes
Cezary Kowalewski, MD, Poland Pemphigus, Currents in Pathogenesis
Ting Song Lim, MD, Malasia Acne Scar Treatment Modalities, Stem Cell Treatment Panel
Torello Lotti, MD, Italy Current Dermatologic Therapy, Experimental Treatment In Alopecias, Neurogenic InflammationNew Treatment Implications, ImmortalityNovel Biologic Weapons
Sabine Maier, MD, Austria Fat Grafting & Combination Treatments for the Face
Phillip McKee, MD,USA Dermatopathology, New Entities, Sweat Gland Carcinomas, Differential Diagnosis of Sub Epidermal Blisters. Lunch with the Expert
Jafferany Mohammad, MD USA Psychocutaneous Disorders, Treatment Update for Skin Itching & Picking
Francoise Poot, MD, Belgium PsoriasisArt of Patient Care
Cristina Puyat, MD, Philippines Stem Cell Treatments Panel, Scar Combined Treatment
Maria Reidhart-Hutter, MD, Austria Vaginal Rejuvenation
Wolfgang Redka-Swoboda, MD, Germany Dermal Fillers Workshop Live, Advanced Filler Course
Mary Jo Robinson, MD, USA Clues in Dermatopathology, Molecular Identification in Cutaneous Neoplasms
Clifford Omar Rosendahl, MD, Australia AI in Dermoscopy, Diagnosing Amelanotic Melanoma
Frank Sibenhaar, MD, Germany Chronic Urticaria Treatment Update
Alexandra Vojvodic, MD, Serbia Novel Treatments of Thick Melanoma & Metastatic Melanoma, Melanoma Biology & New Targeted Therapy